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Consulting For Small Businesses


Custom HR Solutions

East Bay HR Professionals designs custom HR solutions to fit your business needs. If you have employees, you have HR needs. No business is too small to ignore employment liability or disregard the employee experience, but not every business has the budget for an HR team. That’s why our services are “on tap”. Our clients decide how much or how little they need our help each month. We have no minimum monthly fees, and we customize our support to fit your business. Whether you need an HR professional on standby and just a phone call away, or you want to outsource all your personnel-related administration, we have a custom solution for your business! 


Small Business Specialists

We offer customized options to fit your business, no matter how big or small they may be. Whether your organization needs a one-time project that you simply don’t have the time, experience, or desire to do yourself, or you want to outsource your personnel and payroll management entirely, we can help. We provide dedicated professionals to deliver customized services to our clients that include:


Advisor Services for Entrepreneurs

For a small business or solo entrepreneur, the idea of an outsourced HR department may seem excessive. For these small shops with only a handful employees, we offer advisory services to support business owners in handling their HR matters themselves with expect advice only a phone call or email away. Our Advisory Services offering is exactly designed for business owners like you in mind. Our on demand support can provide guidance and advice to keep you compliant with the ever changing landscape of employment law, risk management, payroll, and human resources best practices. Our services are like a faucet, in that they are “on tap”, and you decide how much or how little you need us to help. We have no monthly minimums and provide services based on an hourly rate. Don’t spend hours researching HR and legal websites for the right answer, give us a call so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Hybrid HR Team

There may be periods of time when you just need an extra set of hands to get some work done, and other times when you are able to keep handling it in house. Our hybrid HR team is designed for exactly this type of need. The team at East Bay HR Professionals is dedicated to offering customized solutions to make HR easy. Our services are like a faucet, in that they are “on tap”, and you decide how much or how little you need us to help. We have no monthly minimums and provide services based on an hourly rate. When you need someone to support your HR needs, but still want to keep costs low and keep some work in house, our hybrid HR team can design a custom HR set up to fit your business and budget. 

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Complete Outsourced HR Solution

Our Complete Outsourced HR Solution is designed so that our staff appear to be an in house HR team. Employees can reach out to us directly through an HR email we manage, and for all intents and purposes we behave as if we are on your staff. Not only do we handle every aspect of your HR needs, from employee lifecycle management to training and development of staff, we also take care of the difficult work you may not want to do. Difficult employee conversations, terminations, or delivering any sort of bad news can be tough, but we have years of experience doing it and can step in to do it for you or support you to do it yourself.

Projects and Staffing

All businesses deal with the push and pull of workflow. The loss of a key position can leave businesses scrambling to fill the gap. Sometimes an extra set of hands on a project or temporary support while you recruit a new hire is all you need to get over the hump. Our staff is available to provide support on a variety of administrative tasks and functions. We can be available to provide on-demand administrative, payroll, training, finance, risk, analysis or leadership support. We are available to provide on-demand services that fit your business needs.


Recruitment Services

Do you need someone to act like an inhouse recruiter? We provide recruitment services that include the creation of job posts or job descriptions, candidate sourcing, candidate vetting, interviews and interview training, negotiations, reference and background checks, placement and onboarding.

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